Yes your Cool bars arrived and I love the packaging, very attractive and up-scale. Also a nice variety of bar flavors, they all tasted as I would expect. Texture of each was similar but yet enough difference between flavors. I love figs so my favorite is the fig bar. You have done outstanding work in bringing these bars to market. Hope sales are going well for you. Looks like you have about a 9 month shelf-life, which you should be able to extend to 12 months if needed. Sure am proud of you for bringing such an outstanding product to market. I was surprised of some much French on the label, clearly it must be very common in Tunisia. We are having a wonderful winter here in Arizona, I went golfing yesterday, the weather was beautiful. I have been contacted by a large walnut production operation in California, so looking forward to do a little consulting work for them. Congratulations

Dr Stan Andrews - Educational Consultant